Week 10 of Olly’s Update

On Sunday we had snow again...bloody weather! The rug's are doing their job though and keeping the boys nice and warm and dry...however, on Wednesday the rugs came off and stayed off.


Week 3 of Olly’s Issues

This week the day's have pretty much mulled into the same result as I was mega busy at work, so from Day 15 - Day 20 I pretty much went up to feed the horses, check they were all ok and went back to work. The weather has been miserable most of the week to be honest so I don't think either of us minded. I have also ordered a brand new turnout rug online; I so can't wait to receive it. Here is a picture of Olly and my son, Xander having a moment on Sunday together...

Olly’s First Walkabout

On Sunday I took Olly for a little walk around the grounds of the farm to 1) give him some exercise and 2) start to become familiar with his surroundings, ready for when we go hacking out. Olly was pretty calm to catch, groom and get prepared for his outing but as soon as we …

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Restarting Eddie’s Education

Eddie is a 6yrs old Thoroughbred gelding who was bred to race but had to retire due to an injury. He can still be ridden following treatment but is not allowed to do any jumping. Eddie was brought by his current owner who had ambitions of doing a little dressage but when a surprise pregnancy …

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