About Me


Hi, I’m Clair, a mother to two beautiful children: Lailah-Rae and Xander and a wife to an even more handsome’er (is that even a word) man called Lyndon. 🤓

We live in a 19th century country estate cottage in a quiet village of South Staffordshire. We currently have 3 dogs and 3 cats so you could say home life is busy.

My only passion in life is horses but I am without a horse of my own at the moment. I am very honoured to be allowed to ride a friends 11 year old Irish Sports horse called Rouxb when my schedule allows it.

I’m currently employed full time as a PA and have been with my current employer for 4.5 yrs. Most of this time has been happy and enjoyable but the last 6 months have proven to me that the job is not what I went into and in order to reach a new depth of happiness in my life I am looking to change my career path.

With horse riding a main hobby of mine, I also enjoy reading, being creative and entrepreneurial as well as spending copious amounts of time with my little family.

As a family we enjoy country walks together, especially around National Trust sites, and we like to visit traditional English pubs. I think we could be called traditionalists as we both love antiques, historical buildings, and country life. We enjoy taking part in the local countryside pursuits and if time and money allowed we would do much more and become true country bumpkins in wellies and tweed on a daily basis 😁

This blog is intended to document my journey to becoming a saddler, my new chosen career. However, it will also heavily feature my family, my pets and anything else inbetween that I think will be a fabulous memory to keep.

I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I’m going to have creating it and remember to follow this blog by entering your email address into the box provided and then you will never miss a post. Also feel free to follow me on my social media and make comment on a post (nicely though) and let me know your thoughts or what you liked best about this blog.

Thank you for reading, take care. Clair x


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