So, I’m kind of a blogger…

Clair 2018

…some of you have followed me since day dot (April 2015) when I started my journey of working as a Corporate PA to training to become a Saddler.

I decided to blog the journey so that I had something to look back on and also to inspire other women who might decide to train for a different career later in life.

I enjoy blogging but I would be the last person to say I am any good at it. I do it honestly and without a real purpose.

However, now that I have left the day job to work solely on my leatherwork I do feel I need to be more purposeful about blogging and use it to its full advantage by blogging not only about the Saddler training but also about my new business The Lady Saddler and about the leather industry.

So whether you have followed me from day one or just recently joined me, be sure to subscribe to the blog and you will be the first to see my future blog posts.

Also, would you like to win a free leather gift personally made by me? If so, then be sure to sign up to the monthly newsletter HERE and you will be entered into a monthly prize draw every month for as long as you are signed up. Good luck x


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