Level 3 Bridle Making…the final week (Part 1)

Hi Everyone,

I am sat on the bed in my guest room at Websters B&B in Salisbury on day 2 of my week long training and assessment for the Level 3 Bridle Making qualification.

On Monday I started the journey to Salisbury which usually takes me 2½ hours (120 miles) mainly down the M5. I reached the Saddlery Training Centre 10 minutes early, for a change, and settled in.

I had already completed most of my double bridle at home which is the 2nd piece of work that will be assessed later this week. However, there was a bit of stitching left to do, blocking up, creasing keepers and polishing as well as a tiny 3/8th (of an inch) wide lip strap which just has to be one of the thinest straps I have had to handle and stitch it rolled for that matter too.





Today (Tuesday) was mainly finishing off notes, punching holes and assembling the bridle. Oh and the Leather man visited the training centre today and allowed us to rummage in the back of his van which is always a nice experience, although can be an expensive one as good quality leather hides do not come cheap, however I have managed to grab some leather within my budget from him in readiness for some summer stands I will be doing soon. More to follow on these shortly.

So here it is…my double bridle with two sets of reins (loved making the laced ones), raised browband and noseband and a tiny lip strap. I am VERY proud of this one.






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