I Made A Martingale!!!

Friday's are always a bit of a rush, or at least it seems like it and today was no exception, with most of the trainee's (except for me and one other girl) doing their assessments. It's only technically a half day till 1pm and most of us want to finish what we're doing or at …

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I Made A Bridle!!!

Today was completion (of snaffle bridle with reins) day and what a fab job I did, even if I do say so myself. Don't get me wrong it's not going to win any prizes and it's nothing like what the qualified saddlers produce but I am well and truly happy with my attempt. What do …

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Mental Exhaustion . ..

I'm a little later than normal posting this [sorry for that] purely because I got in, called home and then crashed on the bed. Exhausted! It's not even a physical exhaustion either as I've not done much walking like I had planned [will do better tomorrow] but instead it's a mental exhaustion having to take …

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