Hey [waves], I have started to blog….eeek!

Why I hear you ask? well, not only am I a busy Personal Assistant in the Corporate industry, I am a wife, mother, family member and friend who has chosen to embark upon a very special journey; a journey to retrain as a qualified Saddler.

Why a Saddler you may ask! Well, I’ve wanted to become my own boss, since my late teens and have dabbled in several business ventures over the years. I’ve learnt a lot along the way but nothing has really stuck long enough for me to make a good go of it.

I’ve been riding horses since I was eight years old and although I did briefly work with horses as a teenager I did eventually take the ‘sensible’ route, as my mother would have advised me all those years ago, to get a career and a regular income. I’ve worked hard in the corporate industry for the last 20 years and worked my way up the ladder. I do have a Business & Management degree and did once have a pipe dream to become a manager within a company but since having children I have come to realise that there is more to life than wearing a suit and being in an office.

However, three years ago I suffered a bout of depression after a family issue threw me into turmoil. I did eventually come through the other end and back to normal (whatever normal is) but it has left me with terrible anxiety which leaves me with a huge lack of confidence and self esteem issues. I can still be strong minded when I want to be and the passion to be successful has not left me but the constant battle I have with myself in my head can be horrendous and learning to overcome these issues and push on with my dream does prove easier said than done some days, BUT I will get there! ๐Ÿ™‚

So with all that said, I wanted to somehow work for myself, earn a decent living, preferably from home, and ideally with horses. Horsey folk will know that there is little well paid work in the equine industry unless you’ve worked your way up the ladder, then its possible. I’m not the best rider out there and there is only so much mucking out I can take so a groom’s job or any hands on stable work wasnt going to be for me. I’m not exactly experienced in areas that would pay well say a sales rep for a feed company for example so that wasn’t going to happen either but what I did know was how to make things. I was already working as an artist papercutter at Hunters Cottage Art which I’d set up three years prior but it just wasn’t enough income. I wanted more so after a conversation with some riding friends we came up with a saddler or a lorinery expert job. I set off to do some research on both and the rest they say is history.

Now, you may be a well versed blogger yourself but I am a total newbie at this so please bear with me. I have to learn to become organised in my posting as well as offer you my opinions and experiences. Although I am currently employed this blog has nothing to do with them and all my opinions are my own and not of my employers. I guarantee we will have a ball. I’m not the funniest person in the world but just sometimes I can say or do something that will have you laughing (or rolling your eyes) with me, so stick with it and lets just see together how hard this blog writing really can be. LOL [famous last words]. Clair x


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